Sunday, December 02, 2007



or the obliteration of 9 to 5

island of mirth
tyranny of dishes
aged wilderness
pushed back and forth
trembling in the cracks
footholds and stones

silent aircraft
cushioned by warmth
sandwiched by cold blasts
from the icy furnace

lost ways
that begin to ravel
just in time for Monday's
senseless debacle

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Metamorphosis: A Journey of Dolls

This is an amazing exhibit at the drawing room of dolls who were collaborated on by three groups of artists: Alex Rheault, Marina Post, Martha Miller, Debra Milman, Marti McGinnis, jackie Kazarian, Barbara Loring, Cynthia Atwood, Sue Beauchemin, Jen Davis, Jennifer Gingras, Kirsten Gingras and Jo Goiran. The dolls are very elaborate and come with detailed books of the creative process behind each doll, containing sketches, diaries, stories, poems, photographs and more.

The Shimmering City: Portland Haiku

Some Excerpts:

worn gray
buildings tilt in ocean
cell phone ring

yellow claw
digging up the city
from its roots

water view
reflections dancing below
this world

birds play
around the great crane's
iron sail

silver glints
seagulls picnic outside
the fish market

giant crane
digging hole where
the red sumac sang

the catch arrives
boats float on
green-blue clouds

castle clouds
summer city adrift
above the city

waterfront deck
The Doppelganger sails into
the rising harbor

blue businessman
shiny shoes
hole in black sock

sunmmer day
colored harbor: cell phones
glitter in sun

echoes of wings and ghosts
remain vibrant
in memory park

a million greens
and blues live here
in sunlit pines

three pine trees:
the summer city


Recently Read:

The Hide by Barry Unsworth
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In the Dutch Mountains by Cees Nooteboom
The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill by Mark Bittner
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Gilsland Farm Sculpture Show

Maine Audubon

A Sculpture Show by a Variety of Artists Presented by June Lacombe

Sunday, May 06, 2007


bergamot haze
images flutter and fold
card tricks in a
pine grove of sleep
tiny gold crowns
buried in the leaves
sparkle through ash and charcoal
the seaport is festooned with dragons
the brick pavilions are filled with paper
instructors hands are filled with dogma
the painter on the roof
is named August he is
harvesting spirals
the fishermans says Ah
the black and white dog is prince
of the sea


across from the white cemetery
an espresso bubble
the plain speak is turgid relief
pallid blue the speech
of memory

she wore a green gown
and waded hem-soaked into
an ocean of sand
ran across the tressel singing

the black and white pages have turned
into color
an essential parachute has collapsed
tiny spiders
rule the Earth