Saturday, February 05, 2011

Winter Haiku

after the storm
pearl city, snow
smitten by apricot gold

tin night air
corner brick restaurant
burning windows

heart of January:
soaring cello
probes the sky

susurration of snow
lilac shell light
the foghorn’s cry

under streetlamps
swarms of bee shadows:
flying snow

rich movie details
as the fairy tale flakes
glitter down


in the snow globe
of the city

deep freeze
the snow speaking

frigid indigo night:
hot bath:

Moon looking upon
frozen streets
rolls her eye

imagining a bird’s
heartbeat on this
crystalline night

Orion pulls the moon
through the star sea
fuming smoke

frozen embraces
carved in dark glitter
haunted passageways

cat dusk
white temples of snow
in the violet cold

melting houses
write the libretto for
a winter’s tale

pre-dawn indigo
squirrels thread
tapestry trees